Walls & Gardens.

The Brief.

Walls & Gardens is a project lead by Essex County Council involving 22 partners across Europe. Working closely with Mobile Explorer® we were tasked with creating , new, fresh and exciting content for the Jaywick and Two Forts Way tours. The content had to be a mixture of aerial filming, 3D animation, audio voiceover and live action filming. 

Our Approach.

As CAA approved UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) pilots our first step was to plan the flight along the Thames with the goal of showing the route along the 2 Forts Way. We undertook this on a very early sunny summer morning, taking off from various points along the route enabling us to stick to the 500m line of sight requirement. We then pieced this together and sped up the animation to show the entire route. We also undertook some shots around Coalhouse Fort and Jaywick Martello Tower itself which on a still summers morning allowed us to get some really amazing steady shots. 

The Results.

For the 3D animation we teamed up with historical experts Take 27 due to their experience in archaeological indepth research. We then created an animation for a fictional battle at Coalhouse Fort, various animations for Jaywick and still renders allowing us to composite live action blue and green screen filming. We undertook filming at the actual Martello Tower in Jaywick, and  also shot slow motion footage using our new Ronin stabiliser of re-enactors from the 95th Rifles and mounted artillery. The end result a mixture of storytelling where we undertook script writing, audio production, animation, live action filming and compositing.