The Finishing Line.

The Project

From re-building the website to a fresh modernisation of the company brand and a promo film. The Finishing Line project was a great challenge to show our ability to tell a story and really create a brand identity for the company that looked fresh and new and would allow them to present their company as a professional, polished and modern organization. 

Our Approach

We studied the company, spent 1/2 a day getting to understand the business and the people that worked there, as well as what they did and then created the story around that. The story really focsued on the people and this gave us the abolity to create more than one film in order to really explore the message we were promoting.

The Results

A new website was built with all new content - photography and copy, social media channels established and three films produced - one for the company overall, one for employee engagement and one to promote the new Products Return side of the business. Various email campaigns have been setup and we've found that overall traffic to the site is improving with a reduced bounce rate and overall better engagement with the company from it's new professional image.

Visit the site here :