The Explorers Museum.

The Brief.

The Explorers Museum are a new non-profit organisation based in Ireland launched by Lorie Karnath, 37th President of the NY based Explorers Club. Based out of the impressive Charleville Castle, built in 1798, we were asked to create a brand identity for this new organisation that would be used across a variety of media, along with expedition clothing, flags and of course digital channels and networks. As a new venture we wanted to take a traditional approach to a new organisation giving it gravitas and authority from the outset.

The Approach.

We felt that the new identity had to not only incorporate the spirit of exploration but also the incredible location of the castle itself.  Our first action was to undertake research into the castle, it's founders, it's history along with the incredible explorer Charles Howard-Bury who was born at the castle and was the reason for establishing the museum HQ here.

During our research we discovered that the Howard-Bury coat of arms included a wild boar (The boar denotes the Bury line, who eventually married into the Moore family so as to ensure continuation of Earldom) and so we knew this would be a significant element to the design. The castle itself we represented by the dragon, giving a nod to the Gothic style of the design and also associated with the explorers traits of valor, courage and heroism, as well as being the castle symbol derived from the seal of the Earl of Charleville. In the shield we represented Mount Everest (Howard-Bury lead the first ever reconnaissance of the mountain) with climbing axes along with the moon and stars to represent exploration beyond the earthly realm.The star also refers to the universal symbol of Moore heritage, the clan that gained control over the Charleville lands by the mid-1500’s.

The Result.

The client said the logo exceeded their expectations and really told the story of their organisation in a remarkable way. Delivery so far has been on a Facebook Channel and micro-site holding page -, whilst the full-site and additional materials are developed.