Thames Estuary Path.

The Project.

Led by Essex County Council the Thames Estuary Path is a project for the creation of a trail from Tilbury in Thurrock to Leigh-on-Sea, of around 29 miles. The brief called for the development of a Mobile Explorer® app alongside community engagement and content generation to encourage use of the path and also aid in the navigation, history and storytelling of the region.

Our Approach.

We worked closely with Essex County Council and Community Interest Company Agency East to bring together a number of community groups for them to tell us their stories and really bring to life the region. We did this by gathering archival content, creating new content in the form of video and photography and custimising the Mobile Explorer®  specifically for the Thames Estaury Path. 

The Results.

Alongside the app and content we were also engaged in the branding at the early stage of the project and re-worked an existing brand, familiar to the area, that has since become the visual identity of the path. Used as a wayfinding mark on signs along the route we have also taken the brand online in the form of a new website and printed hand out maps of the route. The app, featuring the routes from the various stations, has a wide variety of content, that by utilising the CMS of Mobile Explorer® allows us to quickly and easily add in new content and stops to enable the path to grow and adapt. 

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