Rom Boys.

The Project

Rom Boys : 40 Years of Rad is our first foray into non-fiction feature production and all that that entails from the production through to marketing.

The world of independent film is changing rapidly, from the channels of distribution to the methods of marketing. With a wealth of experience in all manner of corporate content production and of course digital marketing, we felt we really wanted to tell a story that would resonate with a wider audience, a piece of entertainment that we'd have fun creating, told a great story and which would involve a plethora of great characters.

And so Rom Boys was born.


We felt the idea was strong but we needed to get some footage under our belt and edit a "teaser" trailer to put out there to the community. With access to Rom on our doorstep shooting as much footage as we could was the first tactic. From this we then had enough to help shape a story and long with a fantastic interview with architect and skatepark expert Iain Borden this then allowed us to put something together to show we were serious about our ideas and the direction for this film.

Once the teaser was produced we developed the identity, a website and a social media campaign so that everything could be launched at once and we could track interest and feedback from our target audience.


With all of our ducks lined up we launched the film on a new Facebook page on a Friday and by Sunday we had had 12,000 views and a reach of 30,000. This was purely organic, from the film being shared around 300 times. From reading the comments on the Facebook page it was obvious that there is a lot of demand for people to want to see this film, both nationally and internationally.

For us, this result couldn't have been better and has opened us up to really pushing forward for funding both by crowfunding, private investment and more traditional grants. So watch this space as we continue to film gather in archive material and really start to shape this film.