Port of Tilbury.

The Brief.

With Christmas fast approaching the London Cruise Terminal at Tilbury use the old 1930's train station as the main baggage area and walk through area for visitors to the cruise ships that tie up there for the party season. Looking old and somewhat derelict we were tasked with giving the space a boost for visitors to the space.  

Our Approach.

We came up with the idea of revisiting the windows and doors of the station and giving them some life by re-imagining them how they may have looked in the 1930's. We researched graphic design and architecture of the period and came up with some design solutions where we replaced all of the windows and doors with foamex printed architecture and used silhouettes in the windows. We also installed LED uplighters underneath the windows to really give the appearance of real windows. We also created  a series of Christmas tree decorations in the form of old style luggage labels but using the current achitecture of the terminal and visiting cruise ships, retaining the 1930's art deco theme.

The Results.

We filmed the first night the actual windows in situ and it was great to hear the comments from passengers as they walked past, lots of remarks about the atmosphere the lights created and a lot of people actually thinking the silhouettes were real people at first glance. In all the end result was a really clever and enjoyable project for us that helped to breathe some life back into this historic environment.