Invest Essex.

The Project

This project was briefed to be an all encompassing content and development project. From complex web development (incorporating four seperate domain websites under one central CMS), complex infographic design and illustration, brand identity development, along with the production of a corporate film promoting Essex for inward investment.

Our Approach

We developed a complex site map showing the relationship between the various sites and established a multi-site management system using the Expression Engine MSM plugin which allows for multiple cross domain management under one central CMS. The site was also re-designed to be fully responsive. For the film production we engaged with a number of businesses across Essex, from Fords to Forth Ports and interviewed the organisation leaders who gave us a really good insight into the economy of Essex. Branding was established for their international division and Enterprise Centres. We also worked with a research company for the gathering of complex countywide statistics enabling us to create infographics for use across marketing materials and presentations.

The Results

The film has been exceptionally well received across the county at Invest Essex events as well as by the client themselves. The site is proving much easier to use by Invest Essex and the approach has enabled them to quickly and easily update content across the portfolio of sites. The new identity and infographics are also being used from social media through to events and direct marketing.