Explorers Club.

The Brief.

Following the work we did for the design and development of the British Chapter of the Explorers Club website, the Club HQ sked us to take a look at their site. 

The design had to be carefully considered, not just taking a new fresh design approach but considering the important history and role of the club, a club that has been in existence since 1904 and boasts some of the worlds most pre-eminent explorers in its member list.

The Approach.

When it came to the design we wanted to really show a visitor to the site what it means to be an explorer in the 21st century so we designed a graphical background that covered exploration from the darkest reaches of space to the very depths of the ocean.

The information architecture also took some considerable time to work out, primarily because the old site had a huge amount of content and pages that had been added and configured in no particular order. We took the traditional card sorting on post-it notes strategy to develop the structure and introduced a “mega drop down” menu to give easy access to the core site.

We also introduced social network accounts and icons to the site so that the site not only linked out to these various platforms but also pulled in the latest twitter feeds.

The Result.

Feedback from the site was great, various members using Twitter posted comments as soon as it was launched which gave us a great opportunity to not only gauge the reactions in the Twittersphere but also use these to help promote the site. 

It also further raised the profile of the organisation around the world.