Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

The Project

In 2015 we began working with Cruise and Maritime voyages. Initially we pitched an idea of filming The Eclipse by drone off the coast of Iceland which garnered great media attention but sadly the North Atlantic didn't play ball with the weather and as such we ended up filming the eclipse from the windswept deck of the cruise ship. Several months later, with a stronger portfolio of motion graphics projects for CMV under our belts we were asked to propose an idea to promote the new ship Magellan for their growIng customer base as well as their popular ship The Marco Polo.

Our Approach

During the summer we bagan working with Tyler Butterworth on a Mobile Explorer app. As a seasoned actor from stage, TV and film we felt he was the perfect face and voice of CMV and so proposed  him as the presenter for a series of films beginning with a shoot in the Canary Islands.  The brief called for a film promoting the ship, the Round The World voyages and also a series of destination films. Based on this, working closely with Tyler, we scripted the productions and then flew to the Canaries to shoot the two films, trying to introduce a character and personality to the brand which we felt was missing. We wanted to create a story for all the productions - from "24 hours on Magellan" to the Round the World " voyage  - we incorporated modern music (from international recording artist Brad Carter) and an editing and filming style that was modern and fresh. 

The Results

To date we have produced three films which have recieved a great response from the client and most importantly the viewers and clients of CMV. Tyler was fantastic to work with from a professional perspective and really grounds the whole production by giving the company a friendly and fun personality rather than just a film with a series of stock images. We and the client feel the films propel them to another level, appearing modern and fresh whilst retaining their core brand values and a sense of fun and friendliness.