The PR machine in action - Filming the Eclipse

Posted By: Matt Harris

Last summer we were on a job filming the capacity for the Port of Tilbury when we saw a cruise ship arrive. We asked our client at the time if we could shoot the ship and showcase the cruise terminal at the same time. If you look at our case study on the project you'll see we got an amazing shot.

Subsequently we sent this footage to the cruise company - CMV ( who loved it and they then received some of the biggest amount of Facebook likes on any of their posts.

We then received a phone call about coming to visit them to see what we could do.

So following a big brain storming session we happened on the solar eclipse and the fact that three of their ships were going 300 miles North of the Faroes to witness it, and as far as we could gather no-one had ever filmed a solar eclipse from a drone before.

We then realised that this was a great opportunity to get the eclipse and three cruise ships in the shot at the same time. Quite literally a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So fitting in with CMV's new brand message "The dawn of an exciting new era" we knew we just had to attempt it.

Once we put the word out the global PR machine went into action. Our client the Explorers Museum issued us their first ever expedition flag, the local newspapers grabbed hold of the story and we were invited on to radio and TV to talk about it. All within 24 hours of issuing the piece.

As a case study it's amazing how a story can be grabbed and then virally gets spread and picked up by media organisations, which just goes to show they really are always on the hunt for a headlining grabbing story.

As for the client CMV, the story so far has been great. They've had some great local PR and if all our stars align (with the weather, clouds, sea and wind !) then the footage could also go national.

We're off tomorrow so watch this space or rather watch the skies.

Here's some of the press to date..