Bako’s last weekend

Posted By: Matt Harris

On Monday November 3rd 2014 our Staffordshire Bull Terrier was put to sleep.

Bako had always been around our studio, coming to work every day and was an ever present feature in loads of our photoshoots. He was also greatly loved by our visiting clients.

I shot this film over the last weekend of his life. He really went downhill over the last two weeks of his life. He would walk in endless circles and no longer wagged his tail when he saw us. Classic signs of dog dementia.

We took him on one last trip to the beach (he loved the beach) and one final walk around the field near our studio which he had walked hundreds of times. On the beach we saw a couple of glimpses of his old personality, almost like for those brief moments he was young again.

The Last Weekend from Pixelwork on Vimeo.