Our Top 10 Tips for Developing Email Campaigns

Posted By: Matt Harris

1. Check your Speling

Kind of an obvious one but you'd be surprised how many emails we see, even with spelling mistakes in the titles of articles. Double and triple check your spelling. (Yes, we're well aware of what we've done in the title....)

2. Check yer Grammar

"The water in Majorca, don't taste like what it oughta". Avoid 'matey' language , try and keep it friendly, personable but not too 'over friendly' - it just comes across as patronising. Stick to your brands 'tone of voice'.

3. Beware of using capitals out of context

You may think your product is the "Most Important in the World" but using caps where there aren't any just becomes VERY ANNOYING !

4. Don't cram everything in to the content

Link to your site, that way you can track clicks and see which of your articles people are really interested in reading.

5. Build for multiple devices, platforms and screens

It used to be that you would build one email and that was enough for the various browsers. Now not only do we have email clients and web browsers all with different rendering engines but now we have a multitude of different devices and platforms to test for (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8, the list goes on). Fortunately now you can build once and deploy everywhere with different design style sheets depending upon the target device. And forget about great background designs, until MS stops using Word to render in Outlook they just aren't guaranteed to work.

6. Contact details

Put in your contact details somewhere  - not everyone wants to email you, make sure there's a phone number somewhere on the email.

7. Test on all platforms and clients

Test, test and then test again.You're infiltrating my in-box, the last bastion of my attention span - make sure your email looks great, and incorporates all of the above. We use a combination of apps to test our emails on everything under the sun.

Heres a screenshot of the results of our last campaign below:

PWK Top 10 Email Campaigns graphic

8. Social media

Add in your Social Media links, your content may entice readers in wanting to follow you. You never know. Let them share your content too by adding in sharing buttons.

9. link to an online version

Sometimes all your testing will fall over and on the latest Fisher price LeapPad client your email will look awful. So link out to an online version somewhere. Also keep an archive of previous campaigns, it all helps.

10. Add in a top 10 list.....

Readers like to get simple tips that are quick and easy to digest. If you clicked through from our email, you can see it works ! They are also great for SEO on your site.