Social media snake oil elixir - One from the Pixelwork vaults…

Posted By: Matt Harris

Watching a parody video on social media marketing last week got us all thinking about people’s perceptions of social media, not least how it’s being heavily marketed as the new saviour of digital marketing…

Which seems strange. The last time we took a peak at digital marketing (every day for the last 10+ years, if you must ask) it was in rude health and overtaking every other media channel out there for share of marketing spend!

Now don’t get me wrong, social media is becoming an increasingly important, not just as brand awareness tool but also for customer communication and your SEO too. However its not the only tool in any marketeers arsenal and it’s the way in which Social Media is used and integrated with other marketing activities (not least your website, advertising and CRM) that makes using it worthwhile…

Now all this reminded us of an article we wrote a year or so back which weirdly seems as appropriate today as it was then… Enjoy!

Roll Up! Roll up! Get your social media snake oil elixir…

Sometimes it just feels like that to us.

Social media gurus and agencies seem to be cropping up everywhere, like bad zombies from a George A. Romero movie.

Last year we were a little bemused by these guys (what did they know that we were missing?) so we took stock of what we were doing and quickly realised that we had a strength these guys just didn't possess - years of experience in graphic design, interactive development, online marketing strategy and most importantly great ideas.

Now don't get us wrong, we're all great users and proponents of social media (just check us out on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook), but when push comes to shove the really successful campaigns are the ones that combine social media with other familiar methods/channels and package it all in outstanding design/creative.

To cut a long story short we've been really successful in taking social media channels and practices and wrapping it up in intelligent thinking; and in turn driven sales and extended brand reach in the process.

Our friends at Sugar Rays are a case in point, we implemented a campaign with killer design, the implementation was integrated and the figures which show the no-nonsense results that clever thinking can achieve, not just in social media but in a more rounded approach using all marketing methods from print ads to e-campaigns and even word of mouth.


  • New Likes: Up 173%
  • Monthly active users: Up 90%
  • Post feedback: Up 90%
  • Post views: Up 51%

Sugar Rays site:

  • Page visits: Up 22%
  • Average time on the site: Up 25%
  • Bounce rate: Down 22%

If you're in the same conundrum of deciding between the new snake oil guys or a company with a wealth of experience in everything digital then get in touch. You won't get any rainbows and unicorns from us.