Pixelwork have a drone !

Posted By: Matt Harris

We've started to produce some aerial footage content using a new Phantom2 Quadcopter. So far we've been really impressed with the quality of the footage, the control of the drone and the overall technology involved is quite outstanding.

We think you'll be seeing a lot more of these quadcopters with cameras flying over Essex and beyond as they are an awesome way to get amazing footage, quickly and much more inexpensively than by chartering a helicopter.

Of course it's all down to a number of factors to get the right quality  - the experience of the pilot, the aesthetic eye of the cameraman, the ability to understand editing and storytelling as well as having the craft insured for damage and liability, a full site review audit and of course optimal weather and flying conditions. 

So if you really want to give your storytelling "a lift" then get in touch and we'll show you what we can do. Make sure you check out the video below which gives an example of how we put the whole package together from motion graphics to filming, editing and even music and sound design.

Aerial Showreel from Pixelwork on Vimeo.