Meet the new Pixelwork - personality overhaul!

Posted By: Matt Harris

It’s one of the services upon which our business has built its reputation. It’s something that for many years we have guided and advised our clients on the importance of – now it’s our turn.

A brand is about having an identity. It’s the first thing a potential customer will see and this emphasizes the importance of making a great first impression. Whether it be a logo with an aesthetic, eye-catching design embroidered with a conglomeration of bright colours or a super-cool, wow-enducing website full of interesting features and rich media; it just has to stand out from the crowd.

So why is our rebrand such an important time for Pixelwork?

As our core business offering is Digital marketing and communications, for us to be any further behind the latest, greatest, bleeding-edge technology would make us criminally insane. We want to tell customers through the power of imagery, without even having to speak, why they should use us as opposed to our many, many competitors (find me a company with sexier business cards than ours and I’ll attempt to devour one of ours in one go, smothered in ketchup).

But what would be the point in altering the logo of your business if it didn’t make your customers feel any different? Sure, the image is important – people judge and make assumptions based on that alone. But a logo is just that; a logo.

A brand is an emotional experience. A brand can be tasted, felt, heard, seen. It’s primary goal is to interact with your customers and needs to carry it’s own personality. People don’t want to engage with robots or pretty pictures; they want subconscious conversation with their supplier to feel personal.

Some great examples of brand personalities within the big boys are below. I’d like you to think of these brands as actual people in this instance:

Apple – a young, geeky guy in his early 20s who gives little in the way of social involvement and communication (his only true friend is Siri) yet goes about their daily lives giving an incredibly simple solution to everyday problems. A solid yet basic logo; a personality that simply isn’t complex; very few product options that still manage to completely service the needs of all users regardless of their requirements.

Starbucks – a middle-aged businesswoman with a serious caffeine addiction. Her personality is incredibly warm, eco-friendly and welcoming. She likes to engage with her consumers by way of offering a safe haven away from the office, where leather chairs are on offer and she likes to treat her friends personally by writing their name on their coffee cups.

Dunhill – a true English county gent, rarely seen without some form of tweed on his person. He generally smokes a pipe. This gent is built upon a ‘more than meets the eye’ concept. He oozes masculinity and loves nothing more than to outfit his customers with pride and to make them feel valued.

Now let’s look at us:

Pixelwork – they rock up to work with their thinking-cap on, ready to bring ideas to the table. Not afraid to collaborate and share knowledge, Pixelwork particularly flourishes when they present themselves in person. They have a central nervous system overflowing with creative ideas and an overflow carpark in their server room which is home to last weeks’ ideas; safely kept until they can be unveiled.

So welcome to our new identity; our new personality. We look forward to making your acquaintance.