Digital Content is King

Posted By: Matt Harris

If you know us you'll know that we're a team that’s passionate about everything creative. We fuse strategy, creativity and technology to enhance brand design and positioning. 

We've also noticed over the past couple of years how we're developing more and more content for our clients - not just copy and photography but really innovative solutions from motion graphics and animations to 3D rendering and story telling along with some great infographic designs which are a great way to show complex data.

We're also expanding our services here to really push the envelope with Augmented Reality interactive apps and our new "Cloudshot" service where we're offering aerial filming and imaging services using UAV's with hi-resolution and stabilised cameras on board. 

The quality of the imagery that can be produced from these UAV's is really outstanding and something that's only been possible, due to the technology, within the last 18 months.

We have vast experience in computer graphics, animation and motion graphics to create beautiful and memorable media for marketing entertainment and education. We offer a full art direction & visual merchandising content design service.

In our latest 3D venture we are recreating a fictional land to sea battles on the coast of Essex for a short historical piece, it’s going to be epic!

So as Google just screams out for content don't forget we're hear to answer your call. Because when it comes to driving traffic to your site and building your business ROI, cool, clever innovative digital content is most definitely king.