Aerial Filming in Essex

Posted By: Matt Harris

Look out for our new aerial filming division of Pixelwork coming soon.

Combining our design, editing, motion graphics and story-telling skills we're bringing filming by UAV (unmanned Aerial Vehicles) also known as drones or quadcopters to our arsenal of services.

Having developed a couple of showreels just showing how effective this type of filming can be, we're now in the process of getting offically qualified through the CAA approved BNUC-S course to offer this service commercially and already we're developing a lot of interest with some really exciting projects in the pipeline. Beware of anyone offering these services without a license.

With quadcopters now incredibly small but still able to offer amazing HD quality footage you're not restricted to outdoors filming and if the building is big enough it's an amazing way to showcase your venue like never before.

We're really excited about this new development in our business as it allows us to really showcase our creative eye for an image along with telling really great stories using our toolbox of digital editing tools and ability.

Heres an example of a great aerial shot over Coalhouse Fort in Thurrock.