Digital Thinking. Digital Doing.

Operating for over 10 years we're a full service agency offering the full gamut of services both on the strategic thinking and the creative delivery side but with a focus on digital (it's in our DNA).

We're Pixelwork.

What we do lends us to calling ourselves digital enablers – we work with organisations to primarily put them in the digital realm.

We do this by not just by building or re-designing a website but looking at the entire fit around that. Effectively “enabling” their brand digitally.

This could be an email campaign, a social media campaign, app or anything offline that supports their digital activity.

Take a look at our ever-growing Case Book, this gives you a good idea of our style and quality of work and our client list gives you an idea of some of the fantastic organisations we work with.

Recent Case Studies.

Digital Doing.

This is the building and developing. It's the magic that your clients see, the graphics, coding and multimedia experiences that separates the humdrum and the ordinary from the truly exceptional.

  • Web
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Our core area of expertise lies in the design and development of websites, applications and creating immersive digital experiences.


Expression Engine is our CMS weapon of choice but we're just at home building sites in off the shelf systems and hand coding really complex PHP and JQUERY applications too.

  • Content.
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Nowadays you need content with bite. From well written text to stunning photography, videography, illustrations, 3D animation, audio and motion graphics. Google now demands first class content and so do we. 


With websites being so easy to setup & establish it all boils down to creating great, engaging and effective content, everyone now expects high quality production values as this can either make or break your brand.


As fully qualified pilots for UAV systems with CAA permission to operate commercially we can offer outstanding aerial imagery under our "Cloudshot"brand.


  • Mobile.
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We've been working in the world of mobile before iPhones existed. From the Mobile Explorer® location based framework to custom adaptive and responsive websites.


2014 we're looking at a world where it's mobile first - whether this be an app or your website- if you're brand doesn't currently work on mobile then you need to re-think your digital approach.

  • Design.
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Graphic Design.

"If content is king then the design doesn't matter". But if the design prevents you from even seeing that content then where does that leave you ?


Graphic design is more than just pretty pictures it's the reason you engage with and continue to interact with a brand and it's something we're passionate about.

  • SEO.
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Meta tags, keyword stuffing and backlinks. Remember those?


Today SEO has evolved and grown up -  it's more intelligent, thoughtful and most importantly measurable. It's no longer about tricking the search engines it's about creating great content that makes people find and want to engage with your brand again and again. It's about social media, bounce rates and well rounded digital thinking.

Digital Thinking.

Digital thinking is the work that goes on before any pixels are pushed or site maps are drawn. It's the paper work, the rationale, the over arching reason behind what you're trying to do.

  • Strategy.
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Strategy is like the force, it "binds the galaxy together".

Well maybe not quite but without a firm digital strategy in place you're really lining yourself up for a trip to the dark side.


We've worked with SME'S, blue chips and large government organisations establishing, building and growing their strategies from the very outset.

  • Research.
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Research works hand in hand with the strategy, before you start on any marketing you need to know who your customers are, who they are trying to reach and what they want to buy from you.


With the tools and analytics available today, data analysis can give you a huge advantage over your rivals and take you as far down the rabbit hole as you want to go.

  • Branding.
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By now you should realise that branding is more than just a logo, it's the front facing and employee engaging 'reason for being' behind your entire organisation.


We've worked developing brands for all sizes of organisations. From inception to re-imagining, the brand work is the work that really sets the scene for all of the organisations activity, from marketing to PR to social media and web production.